Knowledgeable & Experienced

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I have worked with Mike Mullin twice in purchasing businesses with property and have found him to be very knowledgeable with a large amount of experience to draw upon. He is a man of integrity and wisdom that helped me to do a deal that was, despite it's challenges, fair and safe for both

Comprehensive Understanding

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I have met many a REALTOR®, but none like Mike Mullin. Mike’s background in corporate finance gives him the unique ability to see investment real-estate through the numbers in a way I have never experienced. Combine that with his mortgage capability and the conversation around the quality and opportunities of a property are vastly

A Trusted Professional

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Mike Mullin has been my commercial realtor and mortgage broker for various multi-family properties over the last three years. His advice has always been sound and his work organized and beyond diligent – he always went the extra mile to make sure we were on track and more often than not, he did the


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My husband and I were most fortunate to have found you, Mike, as our real estate agent. Our purchase of a 6 suite apartment building in Port Alberni and residential rental home in Courtenay in June 2016 was extremely successful because of your professionalism, superior knowledge of financial strategies, and impeccable attention to contract

Saved Us Money

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Mike Mullin has our support and our strong recommendation for your commercial mortgage and real estate needs. Mike perfectly executed a manufactured home park mortgage for my family in 11 days, as another lender failed to meet our expectations in the last two weeks of our deal. He not only completed the deal in

Due Diligence

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We are pleased to recommend Mr. Mike Mullin to act as your realtor and, if necessary, your mortgage specialist in the endeavor of acquiring commercial properties. We appreciated his integrity and his considerations throughout our dealings. The due diligence he maintained and monitored every day from presenting our offer, to negotiations, to completing all

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